What Makes an Effective Continuing Education Unit?

Because we here at CEU Producer have completed so many Continuing Education Units approved by AIA, GBCI, KBIS, and other organizations, we believe we know a little about what makes them work.

Here are some tips for creating successful Lunch & Learn presentations:

  1. Interesting — The topic must be interesting and compelling. It helps to put yourself in the shoes of your audience members and ponder: “What would be interesting to these folks? What would be a good use of their time?” If the intended audience doesn’t show up for the Lunch & Learn, all the effort goes to waste.
  2. Snappy Title — The title of the CEU should be compelling as well as informative. So instead of calling it “Resilient Flooring,” for instance, consider adding a verb: “Specifying Resilient Flooring.” Consider adding some benefits: “Specifying Resilient Flooring for Safety and Sustainability.”
  3. Logical Order — The information must be delivered in the correct order so that learning progresses in a logical manner. Typically it goes from general to specifics.
  4. Context — Technical information should be delivered with context. Why is this important? What is the impact to the project or those who create the project? Case studies show how a problem was solved with this type of product. Learners eat that up.
  5. Pretty — Most learners in this field like pretty pictures, so be sure to include plenty of images. Photos of finished projects that used a certain product are very inspiring.

If you need help with any of these factors, or need an entire Lunch & Learn CEU created, contact us at info@ceuproducer.com and let’s discuss your needs.



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