How Our Process Works

Completed projects
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At CEU Producer, our main goal is to develop Lunch & Learn Continuing Education Units that will:

  • Convey the education goals of the sponsor (you)
  • Create an interesting and invigorating experience for the learners
  • Be easy to use by your presenter
  • Get approval for credit from AIA, GBCI, or whichever organization you are registered with
  • Get to a finishing point in our development with a minimum of surprises, confusion, or chaos

To reach these goals, we have developed a proprietary process based on our many years of experience that shepherds the project from a few thoughts to a completed and useful CEU.

The process typically begins with a “kick-off” phone call with your team to determine the starting point (in case you have a CEU started) and the ending point, along with a timeline.

To help you focus your thoughts and communicate your goals and assets to us, we typically send you a questionnaire to fill out prior to or just after the kick-off call.

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