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me-stylized-with-shadowAccolades for developer Kathy Price-Robinson:

Susan Serra, Kitchen Designer, Blogger

What first comes to mind about Kathy, is that she has her finger on the pulse of what’s happening with trends, whether they be societal or product. Kathy has a remarkable ability to isolate the trees from the forest and communicate the essence of an issue with clarity. The easy, yet informative manner in which Kathy writes is ideal to convey information and the reading process becomes effortless and always, interesting. Kathy is a true professional at her craft.


Matt Plaskoff, President and CEO, One Week Bath

Kathy is an insightful and honest writer. Her passion for the remodeling industry is only matched by her desire to learn and share valuable information, not only to homeowners but also to the industry itself. We’ve enjoyed working with Kathy for many many (over 10) years and would recommend her and her columns to all.


Craig Savage, Co-President, Building Media Inc.

Kathy is a “real” journalist.
I’m not sure many people even know what that means in today’s blogisphere. 
If you need good, honest writing/articles on construction/design, hire her.


Catharine Hamm, Travel Editor, Los Angeles Times

A fine writer, a fair and accurate reporter
and a good human being. Kathy is a trifecta!


Ann Brenoff, Real Estate Editor

There is no writer in the country — yes, country! — who does a better job writing about the home remodeling industry than Kathy. She wrote a regular column for me at the Los Angeles Times and I swear I learned something each time I edited one of them. She is a creative thinker, graceful writer, understands her subject inside and out, and delivers what she promises on time. I would hire 100 Kathys if I could.


Karen Feeney, Green Resources Manager, Allen Associates, Santa Barbara

Kathy has written numerous articles for various publications about our company’s construction projects. I also worked with her on a green building blog. Kathy is an excellent writer. She becomes an expert on the topic she is writing about and always produces a thoughtful, engaging, well-written article. Kathy is also well connected in the industry and has been a great resource for our company.


Beedie Savage, CEO, Quantum Units Education

Kathy has an incredible way of presenting her ideas in clear, simple, and impactful ways. Kathy illuminates exactly what needs to be seen in order to move forward into possibilities, rather than remain stuck. Her manner invites the best of people to express themselves and to be fully engaged in their lives. I have experienced this personally with Kathy on many occasions. I highly recommend Kathy as a writer, blogger and video-maker.


Tim Faller, Trainer and Author

Kathy served as the editor of my book, The Lead Carpenter’s Handbook. Each time I sent off a chapter it came back better, but in my voice. I have also read many of the articles she has written for the LATimes. She knows the homeowners perspective and the contractors. I recommend her as a writer and an editor!


John Sofio, Designer and Contractor 

Kathy Price-Robinson is an insightful and thoughtful writer whose perspective and knowledge of her subject matter transcends the written word. Working with Kathy has been a professionally rewarding experience.


Scott Martelle, Author, Irvine, California

Kathy put together a “trailer” for the release of my new book, The Fear Within: Spies, Commies, and American Democracy on Trial. She did a great job, from conception through completion, which took her less than two days after I supplied her with the raw material (photo files, etc.). Fast, creative, congenial (we tossed edits and ideas back and forth via email as she worked in Louisiana, and me in California). A great experience all the way around. I have another book coming out next year, and she is the only name on the list for that project. The trailer is here:


Bill Robinson, Building Science Expert, Trainer

Kathy’s core competency is story. As a writer she brought the most compelling stories to her writing, articles, blogs and books. Most recently Kathy has been producing video to tell story. The K5 video she did for City Park in new Orleans still bring s tears to my eyes. One thing often lacking in today’s information and educational content is story, and Kathy brings it.


Alon Toker, President Mega Builders

Over the years, starting as far back as 1997, I had the pleasure of working with Kathy on a number of remodeling projects (for three stories for the “Pardon Our Dust” series in the Los Angeles Times) and than on an on-going basis, cooperating on the Los Angeles Times Remodeling Blog (which she hosted), where I was featured (between 2006-2008) as the blog’s ‘resident construction expert’. Kathy Price-Robinson is remarkably well informed in ‘all things remodeling’, she is a blogger par excel-lance, and most importantly, a gifted writer. She brings both a well rounded know-how of the trades and processes of construction and a clear and concise writing style to every story, always finding the human angle and the perspective of interest to her readers. I look forward to working with her again in the future.


Pamela Berstler, Founder, Flower to the People

I have been an expert to whom Kathy has turned for fact-checking or just teasing out the best parts of the yarns told about sustainable landscaping. I enjoy working with Kathy, trust her judgement in editing and framing a story, and appreciate her quirky, intelligent sense of humor. She is a delightful collaborator and inspiration in the garden.


Sandra Epton, Artist, New Orleans

I met Kathy as the facilitor of The Artists Way Workshop. She was organized, creative and a a pleasure to get to know. She is a lady of many talents and tremendous creativity. She would be an asset to any project or team with which she is involved.

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