Services and Fees

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We offer the following services:

Turnkey Face-to-Face Continuing Education Units. Includes:

  • Steady, fool-proof process to get PPT CEU completed
  • Video consultation with sponsor and subject matter expert
  • Complete development of learning unit
  • Development of learning objectives as required by AIA
  • Production of 4,500-5.000 word manuscript
  • Design and creation of 50-60 slide PPT
  • Submittal of PPT to AIA for approval
  • AIA approval guaranteed
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A La Carte Services

  • Consultation for In-house Development of CEUs
    • Where are you in the process?
    • Who is tasked with developing the CEU?
    • What kind of support does the in-house developer require?
    • How to get started?
    • What is the next step?
    • How to bring it to completion?
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  • Learning Objectives (L.O.) Development
    • What are Learning Objectives as defined by AIA?
    • What are acceptable L.O?
    • How should the L.O. be worded?
    • How to arrange L.O. for optimum learner comprehension?
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  • Outline Development
    • What information should be included?
    • How should information be laid out?
    • What about case studies?
    • How to blend technical info with practical information?
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  • White Paper Development
    • What information should be included?
    • Who are your technical experts?
    • Who should be interviewed for the paper?
    • How to arrange information?
    • How to make it compelling to read?
    • What is optimum length for development into AIA approved CEU?
    • What is the conclusion?
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  • White Paper Editing (for Existing Manuscripts)
    • Is the current information arranged in the optimum manner?
    • How to make information compelling to learner/reader?
    • How to turn dry technical information into readable copy?
    • What images should be included to enhance the learning experience?
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  • Case Study Development 
    • Why are case studies important?
    • How do journalists make use of case studies?
    • The storytelling power of case studies.
    • How do case studies deepen the learning process?
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  • Lunch & Learn PowerPoint Development (for a 1 Hour Course)
    • Will it be based on an existing White Paper? (preferred)
    • Will it be created from scratch?
    • Have the Learning Objectives been developed?
      • If not, Learning Objectives must be developed.
    • Has the outline been created?
      • If not, the outline must be developed.
    • What images and graphics are available?
      • A typical course is 50 to 60 slides.
      • For learner interest, a photo or graphic for each slide is preferred.
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  • Quizzes 
    • 10 questions required for earning credit online.
    • No quiz necessary for in-person or Lunch & Learn presentations.
    • CEU Producer will create the quiz for you to review, edit, and approve.
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  • What Is Your Deadline or Timetable?
    • Production schedules range from 2 weeks to 8 weeks.
    • The quickest CEU starts with an existing White Paper. This is the preferred method to ensure that the information in the CEU is accurate and complete.
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